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Hi everyone...

I just learned I was a blue aura a couple of weeks ago..although I have no proof, that is what I got on the quiz..and I think it is true based on my personality. Like most other blues, I also got a high lavender and indigo. Seems a pretty common occurence.

Anyway I guess I will explain some about myself..

My name is Kevin, I'm 17..

I don't know exactly what to say about myself but you can look at my interests to see what I'm interested in..

I'm especially interested in opening the mind. And I feel very connected to the music I listen to..for I view the arts as a very important role in this life. No matter whether is be music, visual arts, or anything of the sort. My name comes from one of my favorite songs (Blind Guardian - The Soulforged).

I write sometimes..usually short poems or stories, but it isn't I guess, enough to call it consitent writing. I'll write if I feel the need to, I won't force it. I might post some of the things I have written sometime, if anyone wants it.

But until then, I'll be here, wandering, as normal.

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