Sweet maiden of the spit (rudigar) wrote in bluesouls,
Sweet maiden of the spit


My name is Alyce (pronounced Ah-leece) and I am almost seventeen years old. I took the test and discovered I have a blue aura, though also high in lavendar, violet and crystal, and the blue description seemed most fitting so I thought I'd join. :) I figure I needn't really describe myself much...you can decipher me from my list of interests if you wish. Basically I like music and art alot, and I want to study vocal and opera next year at university. I'm pretty much a very quiet and shy person, and not sure how much I believe in the concept of auras, but I do kind of have some form of spiritual ability and I often feel others emotions deeply. So I guess it must all be true, eh? :p Anywho, just thought I'd introduce myself a bit. Tata for now.
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