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I am a blue and lavender aura (equally matched to the full extent) and I am joined in the _lavenders community as well, but I'm choosing to celebrate both of my significant auras.
I am a very sensitive person, I'm emphathetic (which can be a problem because I'm an emotional sponge and tend to feel for everyone), and find the most out of the ordinary subject matters beautiful.
I'm a scorpio and tend to act my sign. I'm mysterious, shy, jealous, passionate and intense.
My name is Jennifyr, I'm 16 entering my senior year of high school and just waiting to be able to sit on the grass with a circle of friends drinking coffee and writing or talking to fellow intellectuals in college. I don't fit in in high school because I'm too emotional and out of tune. I'd rather be surrounded with people who have minds like mine, which is another reason why i'm joining this community... kindred spirits.
I'm also very moody and can act sullen and apathetic at times to hide what I'm feeling. I do tend to write (A LOT) to get out what I'm feeling and have been a writer for many many years (prose, creative, poetry, essay). I'm also an amatuer photographer and getting into jewelry making. I tend to have as many creative outlets as I can.
Enough about me, I'm very exciting to be joining in with other blue auras, and I hope this community thrives. And thank you to anya_rose for informing me of this community when she started it.
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