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my third post.. i sometimes go post happy.. now you'll all have something to read ^_^

hello darlings

as my title states, i have a habit of going post happy at times so i will more than likely post frequently. just check my journal calender to see how often i post in one day. its crazy. im addicted to livejournal.

i decided to post because i read anya's.

the url for the banner *as posted in a reply comment on my previous entry* is:

ok.. im going to put the rest of this behind an lj cut so if i dont take up too much space..


i guess i will tell a little about myself.  my name is sara. im 17 years old and will be a senior in highschool this upcoming year. then its off to art college *hopefully.. i have to be accepted first* with me. i adore art. it makes me feel so good inside and i get very proud. i am quite modest so i have a tendancy to downplay any of my talents. i have moved about.. 14-ish times in total *thats including 3-4 moves to just a different house in the same area* for the most part i've grown up in the midwest and am only about 3 hours away from where im originally from. the midwest is a very good place.. well...most of it. there are few truly good places it seems now days.

i've always been a dreamer artsy child. imaginative, creative, caring. i used to and still do make up stories or poems in my head. i only write down most of my poems. never have written any of my stories. i love taking care of people. i love people in general. i dont typically hold grudges.. i will forgive, but lately if you have betrayed me, although i forgive, its harder to regain my trust. if you are one of the people nearest and dearest to me, i want to shower you with everything good. i have  a tendancy to spoil people. ^_-

i take pride in the fact that friends come to me to talk and confide in me. i just want to help so much. i was considering being a social worker/couselor (sorry for spelling errors) or a psychologist but i have emotional issues myself and need to learn how to be strong inside for myself as well as other people.

its weird. when im around people, i pick up so much on their moods at times.. that i feel what they feel. there are a lot of things i have experienced *death, depression/suicide, etc etc* and so i have an understanding but even some things that i havent dealt with i understand. what i mean is.. if i were to go into a room with a happy person and not even talk to them, i pick up on their happiness and start feeling a little good inside. or if i were to go in a room with a sad person and not talk to them, i feel overwhelmingly sad inside. i really care a lot.  i hate if i cant help someone or if i cant read them. i love people so much. i hate to see them in pain..

i know im only 17 and have no kids and dont plan on having any for a few more years yet.. but i am extremely maternal. i have three siblings, a 14 year old sister, a 4 year old sister and a 2 year old brother *because we moved so much and we didnt have a lot of money.. my parents didnt have more kids.. but then once we were stable again and staying where we are for now, they had two more because my mum always wanted four kiddies*. i am extremely protective and loving towards my siblings *even if i get annoyed sometimes*. one of my top priorities in life.. is to get married *ONCE! my biggest fear besides losing those i love is getting divorced. its too common these days* and then to have a family. i want to be a mom some day.  a good one..


moving on.. here's a conversation i was having with my friend david..


david: how has your day been                                                                                LotusofPoison: its been alright.. but when matt was over here.. i was just being bitchy and moody but after he left i felt horrible and called him and apologized
david: eee
david: it happens sometimes tho
LotusofPoison: yeah.. but i feel horrible
david: i know
david: but you apologised
david: and hopefully he wasnt mad at you
LotusofPoison: no he wasnt.. he's like.. aww its ok
LotusofPoison: im going to bake a cake tomorrow i think for him and aaron to apologize
LotusofPoison: lol
LotusofPoison: im such a silly girl
david: heh
david: its okay
david: we all still love you
david: *pet pet*
LotusofPoison: for people that need cheering up.. i'd sing them a song and make them laugh at me.. and for people that are sick, i'd make tons of good healthy yummy foods that would be easy on their stomachs and put cool washclothes on their foreheads.. for people that have to put up with my mood swings, i'd write them a poem or bake and apologize.. yay im glad you all still <3 mee
LotusofPoison: i <3 you all tooo
david: hehe
LotusofPoison: and i would do all those things too.. i try to when possible..
LotusofPoison: thats how i'll treat my babies when i get older and have them
david: your a good person
LotusofPoison: i'll write them stories and do the drawings for the stories too.. *hug* thank you
david: np
david: your always welcome

so there.. umm.. i gues you all know a little more about me.. and i want to know about you guys too!!!


here's a pikky of me *randomly deciding to put a picture in.. teehee* my hair is different now though... im the one holding the doggy.. *we put him to sleep a month ago.. he was old and reaaally sick :(* the other girly in the picture is my 14 year old sister. shes gorgeous. *and yes our hair color is natural*


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