Liebeslied Engel (dis_o_bedience) wrote in bluesouls,
Liebeslied Engel

hello, i got here from a friend's spiritual journal, and was curious, so i took the test and came up Blue. i'll share all my results with you folks, in order from most to least...

Blue - 6
Indigo - 5
Violet - 5
Yellow - 4
Sensitive Tan - 4
Logical Tan - 3
Environmental Tan - 3
Abstract Tan - 3
Crystal - 3
Magenta - 2
Red - 1
Orange - 1
Green - 1
Lavender - 1
Red Overlay - 0

as you can see, i'm high in Indigo, like a lot of other people here, but unlike a lot of you, i'm not high in Lavender, but in Violet *shrugs*

ok, some other introness, i'm female, 22, a wife, a stay-at-home mom, a geek, a Traditionalist Wiccan (have studied/am studying Gardnerianism, specifically), bisexual, a freak (meaning, bedroom-wise...), short, voluptuous, and a bitchy elitist Rivet chikk. feel free to ask any questions about any of those aspects.

also, i took this quiz today, not directly related, but i thought i'd share it anyway...

What Color is Your Brain?

brought to you by Quizilla

At work or in school:

I like to be with people, sharing with them, inspiring them, and helping them.
I work and learn best when I can take into consideration people and the human element.
I flourish in an atmosphere of cooperation.
With friends:
I always look for perfect love.
I am very romantic, and I enjoy doing thoughtful things for others.
I am affectionate, supportive and a good listener.
With family:
I like to be happy and loving.
I am very sensitive to rejection from my family and to family conflicts.
I really like to be well thought of and need frequent reassurance.
I love intimate talks and warm feelings.

i guess i'll be around...
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