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Hi my name is Kevin and i hail from Bonnyville, AB but am now living in Quebec City, QC with my partner of 3 years. I am 22 years old and after taking the little test i scored highest in blue(11) and a little less in indigo(9) and violet(9) as well as lavender(8) and yellow(8). I have always been an artistic, free soul but spent most of my life searching for my self and my purpose. In the past couple of years a few things have happened in my life to change the way i see things, really open my eyes and to aid me in my spiritual growth. This includes being paralyzed for some time and nearly completely recovering due to Guillain Barre Syndrome. If anyone here doesn't know what that is, 1 in approx. 600,000 people get this. It slowly degrades the myelin sheath that is on every one of our nerves, basically cutting off communication between them. So this means your brain can't get through to tell your muscles to move. Yeah harsh, but luckily it is the only disease of this nature to nearly completely reverse itself. For me it took about 10 days to become paralyzed from neck down to walking again about 3.5 months later, albeit shakily. I was also on a ventilator for about 1.5 out of those 4 months. Anyway its a really long story so i'll stop there. In any case this disease was the catalyst for me becoming a lot more spiritual and in tune with my self. It was very much my dark night of the soul, or trial by fire as some refer to it. After recovering i got attuned to reiki and started meditating, mostly to balance my self out and help the healing process, as well as to experiment with energy and my own spirituality and consciousness. Okay i'm the queen of long posts so bear with me, sorry. So to get back to auras and colors....i've been told as well by my friend and cree shamaness morningstar that i had a very blue aura. Coming from her that means a lot as she is very in tune with stuff like that, coming from my own personal experience with her. I personally do not see auras but i guess i don't really try to very much. I kind of let things be and don't try to force anything too much, so i guess i feel that if i am meant to see auras i will, if not then thats ok too. Anyway thats enough for now, just a little (big) intro. Nice to meet you all.
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