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ever since i was a little girl ive been able to see things…that other haven’t been able to...i used to try to tell others, but everyone except some very close friends any family were less than understanding…and so I shut this ability out for the longest time…now that im in my late teens, ive sort become more serious and curious about it and so ive been progressivly looking into it.. and ive come to realized that this gift..whatever it is, is a part of me, although its still a bit difficult for even myself to understand and accept it…but iv decided to open myself to it,and gain it back, and its proving a bit difficult to fine tune and control…for the longest time I really thought I was crazy…and maybe it was partially out of this fear, that I decided to study psychology…I know now that im not… rather apparently they call this thing I have clairvoyance…but I don’t know what it is exactly, or why I see these things…or even what they mean really…but they have changed my life and my out look on it…I know that there is so much more to this life and our existence apon it than what we perceive there to be.
Without really going into detail…I see auras around people, and animals, things like trees or plants and some objects…its amazing, really if only you could see what I see…they fluctuate and illuminate…there different colors and just amazing to watch, especially when someone is experiencing some sort of intense emotion, or being rather active, ect…aside from this, I also see what I can really only describe as hazy flowing energy that sometimes takes form, and occasionally i see partial outlines of figures…these things arnt at all distressing to see by the way, and its not like I can really turn it “on “ or “off”.. more like I focus on …not focusing?! its very difficult to describe…maybe impossible... i don't know but anyways aside from all this... im just an 18 year old girl... who pretty much just normally goes about my daily activities just like everyone else...I work in a hospital... go to school.. out with my boyfriend and friends ect…but I wish I could tell them…and that they could somehow understand this…or that I had someone to turn to...

anyways its funny thou, i see everyone elses aura, but i don't know what my auras color is...ive never really thought about it or tried to see it..lol and no i really doubt the online test, will help much or holds much truth.
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